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Elliot Hartley The Student View Headshot


My name is Elliot Hartley. I'm an award winning video journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the UK.


I have a passion for people's stories, over the last few years having produced a series of short news packages and documentaries.

I'm currently on a fellowship with The Student View, working towards a Certificate in Foundation Journalism with the NCTJ. I'm also one of four scholars to The Art of Documentary, now having completed Module 1.

I'm a proficient camera operator, and experienced editor with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Luc Forsyth, Cinematographer & Director

“First off I’m going to shout of Elliot Hartley for having the most energetic and personalized application. He really went all out and make a dedicated video just telling me why he’d be a good fit for the program, and it’s exactly this kind of hustling and attention to networking that’s going to get him really far in this world. I always say networking is huge in this game, and Elliot is doing it right."

Elliot Hartley

Video Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker based in the UK.

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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