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Elliot Hartley



My name is Elliot Hartley. I'm an award winning video journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the UK.


Over the last few years, I've been self producing short news packages and documentaries. I have a passion for people's stories.

I'm currently on a fully funded fellowship with The Student View, working towards a Certificate in Foundation Journalism with the NCTJ. As well as being one of four scholars to The Art of Documentary.

I'm a proficient camera operator, and editor with Adobe, as well as a CAA approved drone pilot.

"First off I’m going to shout of Elliot Hartley for having the most energetic and personalized application. He really went all out and make a dedicated video just telling me why he’d be a good fit for the program, and it’s exactly this kind of hustling and attention to networking that’s going to get him really far in this world. I always say networking is huge in this game, and Elliot is doing it right."

Luc Forsyth

Documentary filmmaker

Elliot Hartley

Video Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker based in the UK

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